American Psychiatric Association’s Practice

Lists resources and information on practice management and professional
development for psychiatrists.

American Public Health Association

Discusses mental health as a topic area, offering an overview of the issue along
with recommendations for improving access to care.

Farm Stress Grab & Go Kits

Farm stress is the stress experienced by farmers and their families due to the
unique agricultural work environment. This includes unique circumstances
surrounding substance use and suicide.

Mental Health First Aid

Lists training resources for supporting people with substance abuse and cooccurring disorders.

Mental Disorders Alliance

Serves as the leading peer-directed national organization focusing on the two most
prevalent mental disorders, depression and bipolar disorder.

Mental Health America

Offers resources about mental disorders; through affiliates, provides America’s
communities and consumers with direct access to a broad range of self-help and
professional services.

Offers guidance for recognizing mental health issues and starting conversations
with friends and family members, educators, and faith and community leaders,
among others.

National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health

Provides training, support, and consultation to advocates, mental health and
substance abuse providers, legal professionals, and policymakers working to
improve agency and systems-level responses to survivors of domestic violence.

National Council for Behavioral Health

Details guidance on policy action, consulting, and best practices in behavioral

National Alliance on Mentall Illnes

Provides education and advocacy programs for those affected by mental disorders,
including a toll-free helpline for families in communities throughout the United

National Institue of Mental Health

Serves as the lead Federal agency for research on mental disorders.

Psychology Today’s Find a Therapist Directory

Allows users to locate, by city or ZIP code, a therapist, psychologist, or counselor
who specializes in mental disorders.