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About Us

We are strengthened by our differences.

Official Conference Banner Handoff

KC-SATRSC conference hosts hand off the official conference banner to the Eastern Regional Chapter for the next regional conference.

MCRSP members are very different in their expertise and approach to recovery; but we are united in our beliefs. 

  • Recovery is possible and sustainable.
  • Recovery is different for every individual. 
  • Access to the full range of recovery resources should be available to every Missourian, regardless of the ability to pay. 


The road taken isn't as important as reaching the destination.  Ask anyone who has been on their own personal recovery journey about the route they took and how it took them to get there, and each time there will be a different answer.  That's because, recovery is an individual process, and there's more than one way to get there.

Throughout Missouri, there are peers, community organizations, clinicians and faith-based ministries who exist to assist people who are trying the find the change process known as, recovery.  From transportation to housing, coaching, clinical treatment and training, recovery service providers are commonly channels of hope and encouragement throwing a lifeline to the individuals and families who are looking for a place to get help.  

We are a network of faith-based, peer and community organizations that restore and rebuild lives and families broken by addiction through immediate access and long-term relationships.

Recovery Supports At Work In Missouri

  • MCRSP Partner Agencies In Missouri


  • Beds Available in Accredited Recovery Homes


  • Missourians Served


  • Consumers Alcohol and Drug Free


  • Consumers Without New Arrests


  • Consumers Housed


  • Clients Employed


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