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Recovery Housing

Code of Ethics for Recovery Housing Providers

The MCRSP has adopted the following code of ethics that accredited recovery homes will be expected to follow:

1.       Dedicated to recognizing the dignity and worth of all human beings by demonstrating self-regulation, and conducting yourself in a manner indicative of self-respect and the respect of others.

2.       Maintain quality housing and demonstrate activities that benefit the immediate neighbors. Make your community better than it was when you arrived by maintaining all property (mowing, trimming, painting, etc.) and minimizing social disruptions, peace disturbance, or fighting with neighbors or house members.

3.       Maintain an alcohol and illicit drug free environment, including the misuse of prescription and over the counter medications.

4.       Managers or other staff, if in recovery from a substance use disorder, are free from alcohol and all illegal/non prescribed use of substances (the misuse of prescription and over the counter medications) at least 12 months and remain totally abstinent. If not in personal recovery, all management staff must be alcohol and drug free during performance hours.

5.       Be willing to submit to alcohol and drug testing at the request of a MCRSP authorized person to ensure the integrity of the program.

6.       No physical violence or threats of violence in the home or on the property.

7.       Managers or other staff will not engage in romantic or sexual intimacies with the people utilizing recovery support services in the organization where the manager or other staff person is working. A manager or other staff person will not engage in romantic or sexual intimacies with an individual the manager or other staff person has provided recovery support services to for a period of 2 years after the recovery support relationship has been terminated. A manager or other staff person does not provide recovery support services to anyone with whom they’ve had romantic or sexual intimacies in the past.

8.       Managers or other staff should never conduct financial transactions to the detriment or exploitation of the resident.

9.       Managers or other staff respects the privacy and personal rights of all residents.

10.     Assure that no weapons are allowed on MCRSP certified recovery residences.

11.     Follow all federal, state and local laws.

12.     Utilize sound business practices, including the establishment of related policies and the maintenance of an accounting system that fully documents all financial transactions, including those involving resident charges accrued, fees paid, and all deposits and withdrawals from residents’ accounts.  


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