Renewing Your Application

Your NARR Accreditation is good for two years.  Every two years, you must renew your accreditation.  To renew your accreditation:

  1. Submit a new Assurance Form for your homes.
  2. Submit new Proof of Insurance Coverage.
  3. If your home is being rented from another entity, submit an acknowledgment form from the landlord that the house can be utilized for the purposes of operating a recovery home.
  4. Update your Corporate Documentation, indicating your organization is in good standing with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.
  5. Submit a new signed MCRSP Code of Ethics that is signed by all of the current employees and volunteers that have contact with residents of the program.
  6. Submit a new Housing Compliance Agreement.
  7. If any of your other policies or documents have changed in a material way in the past two years, submit new documentation to replace the old.
  8. Fill out an application form, updating your contact information.
  9. Pay a renewal fee of $200 ($350 for non-MCRSP members). You will also be assessed and invoiced for a site visit, which will cost $299 for the first house and $50 for each additional house.  If we need to take a second day to review all of your homes, you will be assessed another $350 for the second day of review.

All of your houses located in the same geographic area will be renewed at the same time, even if they are not currently due for renewal. Each housing provider will have only one renewal date every two years in the same geographic area.