Overview of The Application Process

The accreditation process is not difficult, but it is very detailed.

Initial Planning Stage

There are three primary components to the initial Planning Stage of the application process.  

  • First, review the Code of Ethics to ensure that your organization can agree to adhere to the MCRSP Code of Ethics for each of the organizations' recovery residence locations seeking accreditation.
  • Second, become familiar with the Recovery Housing Standards. Upon reviewing the standards, the organization's leaders and decision makers will be able to determine each individual location's readiness for the application.  
  • Third, review the Self-Assessment Checklist.  The Self-Assessment Checklist will provide specific details regarding the documentation required for each domain and subsequent standard. 
Initial Planning Documents:

Preparation Stage

Next, review and prepare the Required Documents.   The required documents list provides each applicant with a list of the documents, policies and acknowledgements that each organization must send with the completed application. The links to each of the highlighted documents is below.   

Submitting the Application

To Prepare a Completed Application Package: 

Complete the online application.  Follow the instructions closely.  

a.  Prepare the required documents in order, according to the list provided.  Gather each document (electronically), save the file with the name of the document, the number of corresponding number on the checklist.  Prepare the applicant forms by numbering them in the order corresponding to the numbers on the list of required documents. 

b.  Once the required documents have been gathered, the Agency documents should be named and numbered to match the list provided.  

c.  Save the files in a folder with the applicant's organization name.  Review to ensure that all of the required documents are properly named and ordered.   

d.  You may transfer the documents in two ways: Complete the Online Application and e-mail the documents in a zip file to andy.thomas@mcrsp.org or mail a flash drive to the MCRSP Administrative Offices: 

Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers
1305 Southwest Blvd, Suite D
Jefferson City, MO 65109

e.  Please note the $400 application fee ($600 for non-MCRSP members) is required prior to completing your review or conducting an on-site inspection.  You will be invoiced for this fee, which can be paid electronically or by check. The accreditation application fee shall be good for one year. A provider may accredit multiple houses within that year under the one-time application fee. After one year, another application fee must be paid.  

Next Steps: Site Visit

Within 30 days from the receipt of the completed application, a member of the MCRSP review team will contact your agency to review your submission and schedule your recovery homes for an on-site visit.    

Once the on-site visit has been confirmed, MCRSP will invoice the agency for the on-site inspection fee of $299. If the agency has more than one house to be reviewed, $50 per additional house will be added. If the review team is required to spend the night to complete the reviews, you will be assessed another $350 for the review. The agency must pay their invoice prior to the visit.  This fee is non-refundable.  If an agency does not meet the required standards, the agency will have 90 days to resolve the disqualifying issues before being asked to re-apply and pay another site visit fee.   

Renewing Your Application

Need to renew your existing application? Click the button below for instructions on how to renew.

How to prepare and complete the accreditation application: