Required Application Documents

List of Required Application Documents

The accreditation process is not difficult, but it is very detailed.

Below is a list of the documents required for your application to be considered complete.

Each of the required documents prepared by the applicant must be numbered and labeled with the corresponding number and document name listed below. Documents must be contained in a single zip file.  If a provider does not have access to the ability to submit the documents online, the applicant may provide all of the requested documents on a flash drive which contains the zip file with each of the required documents numbered and labeled according to the list below.   See Submission Instructions for more information.  

Click Explanation of List of Required Documents link at the bottom of this page to download printable copy of this list with explanations of each document.  

List of Required Documents: 

  1. Completed Provider Application
  2. Completed Self-Assessment Checklist
  3. Mission Statement (Standard 1A1a)
  4. Vision Statement (Standard 1A1b)
  5. Legal business entity documentation (Standard 1A2a)
  6. Documentation of applicable insurance coverage (Standard 1A2b)
  7. Written permission from property owner (if applicable) (Standard 1A2c)
  8. Non-Discriminatory Affidavit (Standard 1A2d)
  9. Completed Housing Compliance Agreement (which includes an Attestation for Marketing Material) (Standard 1A2e)
  10. Background Check Policy on All Staff that Interacts with Residents (Standard 1A2f)
  11. Policy on Paid Work Agreements (if applicable) (Standard 1A2g)
  12. Staff Never Involved in Resident’s Finance (Standard 1A2h)
  13. Code of Ethics (Standard 1A2i)
  14. Assurances Form (Standard 1A2j)
  15. Resident Informed of all Fees and Charges (Standard 1A3a)
  16. Resident Informed of Refund Policy (Standard 1A3c)
  17. Policy and Practice on Payments from 3rd Party Payers (Standard 1A3d)
  18. Collection of Resident Data (Standard 1A4a)
  19. Resident Rights; Resident Notification and Agreement; House Rules and Resident Agreement documentation (Standard 1B5a)
  20. Resident Notification on Abandoned Personal Property (Standard 1B5a)
  21. Confidentiality Policy and Procedure (Standard 1B6 – three standards in this section)
  22. Grievance Policy and Procedure (Standard 1C7b)
  23. MCRSP Grievance Policy and Procedure with agency signature and dated.
  24. Written Responsibilities, Role Description, Guidelines, and/or Feedback for Residence Leaders.  (Standard 1C8b)
  25. Culturally Responsive and Competent (Standard 1D11 – there are two standards in this section)
  26. Job Descriptions or Contracts for Peer Staff and Leaders (Standard 1D12– three standards in this section)
  27. Provide Social Model-Orientated Supervision of Staff (Standard 1D13 – three standards in this section)
  28. Alcohol and Illicit Drug Policy and Procedure (Standard 2F16a)
  29. List of Prohibited items and Procedure for Associated Searches by Staff (Standard 2F16b)
  30. Policy for Drug Screening and/or Toxicology Protocols (Standard 2F16c)
  31. Over-the-Counter and Prescribed Medication Policy and Procedure (Standard 2F16d)
  32. Policy to Encourage Residents responsible for own Health and Safety (2F16e)
  33. Policy regarding Smoke-Free Living Environment (Standard 2F18a)
  34. Policy Regarding Exposure to Bodily Fluids and Contagious Disease (Standard 2F18b)
  35. Naloxone Accessibility and Training Documentation (Standard 2F19d)
  36. Emergency Contact Information Form (Standard 2F19b)
  37. Documentation Promoting Meaningful Activities (Standard 3G20a)
  38. Personal Recovery Plan Documentation (Standard 3G21a)
  39. Written Criteria and Guidelines for Peer Leadership and Mentoring (Standard 3G21c)
  40. Resident Weekly Activities Schedule (Standard 3G23a)
  41. Good Neighbor Policy (Standard 4J30 – there standards in this section)
  42. Courtesy Rules (Standard 4J31 – two standards in this section)