MCRSP Accreditation Application

MCRSP Recovery Housing Accreditation Application 

We are pleased that you wish to be recognized for meeting nationally-recognized standards for recovery houses and become a part of the MCRSP Recovery Housing movement!   Please follow the instructions to complete the entire application process.  If you have questions, please email us.  

Please note: 

We recognize that providers may wish to accredit more than one location at a time. The application is set up to allow for up to 4 houses. If you have more than 4 locations, please upload an attachment in MS Word containing your organization's name and the requested information for the additional locations.  The other sections of the application will only need to be completed one time.  Once your application has been submitted successfully, the contents will be reviewed for completion and accuracy.  Then, you will be contacted by peer reviewers with additional instructions.  



Application Type
Please indicate whether this is the first application or a renewal application.
Section One: About the Organization

Section Two: Agency Contact Person for Review
Please provide the name of the organization's contact person for the accreditation process:

Section Three: Code of Ethics
Does the organization agree to abide by the MCRSP Code of Ethics?
If your organization responded, No to adhering to the MCRSP Code of Ethics, please explain why not:

Section Four: About the Residence Locations
Please tell us how many locations will be accredited by this application?
Please complete the information below for each site.

If you have more than 4 residences, please complete the requested information for each of the additional locations and upload to this application in a .doc, .xls or .pdf file. 

Upload Additional Locations Document
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You may upload the Required Documents zip folder by uploading them on this site. (10MB file limit.)  Refer to the List of Required Documents and submission instructions. 

Upload Zip Folder with Required Documents
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