Day of Honor & Remembrance

Day of Honor & Remembrance

September 11, 2020 

Honor, Service & Remembrance

Already 19 years have passed since the day our Country was faced with one of the most extreme forces of terror, yet we continue to remember those who were taken from us and those who sacrificed their lives in an effort to save lives on September 11, 2001.

The terrorists who carried out such heinous acts attempted to break the resolve of the American spirit; however, they failed in their endeavors. Buildings crumbled, the economy was shaken and countless precious innocent lives were lost, but we held fast as a collective, united force. We proved to those responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the attempt on Washington that our will as American citizens could not be destroyed. We have seen the face of pure evil but will continue such perseverance through our strength as a Nation.

Heroes from all walks of life within the United States, including Missouri, risk their lives to protect the fundamental foundation of this country: Freedom! The men and women who serve the citizens of America, including members of the military, police, firefighters, emergency responders and several other public safety officials, are upholding the truths and values each of us hold so dear.

Without these people, our lives, liberties and individual ideologies would cease to exist; even though nothing is for certain, these service men and women work each day to ensure everything is done to protect invaluable human lives. These brave individuals began their careers knowing the dangers they might face. We salute and thank the families who support our troops, overseas and domestic, and the selfless other men and women who have taken an oath to serve and protect.

Let us never take for granted the work and service these men and women of the military, law enforcement, fire, rescue and disaster response achieve. I especially want to honor our fallen heroes and their families who have supported these people in their altruistic and selfless plights.

We honor and remember the courageous men and women of the armed forces, fire and rescue, law enforcement and public service who have fallen in the line of duty; their bravery and duty will forever be remembered and honored for their ultimate sacrifice. Those we honor today are an example of the fate our service men and women face each day.

Today we remember yet celebrate the lives of all of our active and fallen service men and women from every facet. We shall never forget the memory and sacrifice of such outstanding and noble people. Furthermore, we are sincerely humbled to honor the families of these heroes and courageous individuals who are ready to respond in the time of need and to those who have fought to preserve the liberties our Forefathers sought centuries ago.

Author - Elizabeth Peters, M.S.