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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Recovery Oriented Systems of Care?

This ROSC effort is a statewide community-oriented approach that empowers treatment and recovery support providers to partner with other organizations in their communities in order to access resources that help people achieve and sustain recovery. The Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) utilizes a person-centered model to ensure choice and involvement in the achievement of important steps in the recovery process.

Does a Provider have to be Faith Based to join MRSPC?

NO.  Any legal entity; business; agency; and /or organization that has a passion and commitment to recovery is welcome and encouraged to become a member of the coalition and its efforts.

Can individuals join M.C.R.S.P?

Yes. Under certain conditions. If an individual is making plans to become a part of an established recovery support provide entity or establish an entity to provide and/or promote recovery support services in Missouri they may become a member of the coalition.

Where does M.C.R.S.P. get its funding?

To date, all funding for the coalition comes primarily from private donations, individual contributions.  We have received some limited designated support services by the Missouri Department of Mental Health/Division of Behavioral Health.

Is M.C.R.S.P.  a religious or political organization?


What is the mission of M.C.R.S.P.?

To identify, unite, mobilize, and empower grass root organizations; ministries; and community movements engaging in recovery support service initiatives that assist individuals in the restoration of self-worth, human dignity, self-respect, life skills, and self-confidence needed for sustained recovery and effective community living.    

How is M.C.R.S.P. governed?

The general body of coalition members drives the coalition.  This body elects two representatives from each of the five regions in Missouri to direct the business of the coalition under the leadership of a Board of Directors elected from the representatives by the general membership. 

Can an organization outside of Missouri be a member of M.C.R.S.P. ?

NO.  While an outside entity; business; organization; individual and/or agency can contribute and support the coalition, they cannot be a member of the coalition unless they are a legal entity or resident of Missouri.


How does an organization become a member of M.C.R.S.P ?

To become a member of the coalition you must sign a Memorandum of Understanding of the coalition and complete an application with the coalition.

Those interested in joining the coalition may contact Ms. Patricia Sams at:

Are there costs to join the coalition:

Yes.  Membership fees are $10.00 per month per agency; $120.00 per year per agency. Members of the regional coalitions are automatically members of the state coalition and do not pay an additional membership fee.  If there isn't a local coalition in your area, you may join the state coalition and pay your annual membership fee to the state coalition.  

Can an organization that does not provide direct recovery support services be a member of M.C.R.S.P. ?

Yes. Any legal entity; business; agency; and /or organization that has a passion and commitment to recovery is welcome and encouraged to become a member of the coalition and its efforts.

Will an organization get funding if they become a member of M.C.R.S.P.?

The coalition does not fund members or any entity.

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