Where to Get Narcan/Naloxone



Are you an individual looking for free Narcan/Naloxone?

Check out the map below for Narcan/Naloxone distribution providers in Missouri. 

Other locations

9355 Olive Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132 

Request Narcan/Naloxone Online
(Click the “Resources” tab, and then click on “Request Narcan”)

Facebook:  PreventEd
External Link:  https://mcrsp.org/get-help/recovery-community-centers.html

The Bric/T
5874 Delmar Boulevard, Suite 201A (Upstairs)
St. Louis, MO 63112

New Life Mission Inn
114A West South Street
Perryville, MO 63775

Are you an organization looking for Narcan/Naloxone?

All organizations including first responders may visit getmonaloxone to obtain Narcan/Naloxone.

Are you a school/university, public library, or YMCA looking for Narcan/Naloxone?

The MO Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has provided authorization for ADAPT Pharma to ship to entities in Missouri that are covered by their new Free Narcan/Naloxone Programs.

High schools, colleges/universities, public libraries, and YMCAs can now obtain a free "one-time" allotment of Narcan/Naloxone by completing the appropriate form and returning the form to the email listed on the respective forms: 

Colleges and Universities
High Schools
Public Libraries

Are you looking for Narcan/Naloxone at a pharmacy?

Any person who asks for Narcan/Naloxone from a pharmacy for themselves or to help a person experiencing an opioid overdose can purchase Narcan/Naloxone, with or without a prescription (click here for Missouri’s standing order). However, this does not necessarily mean that every pharmacy will stock Narcan/Naloxone, so we suggest calling your local pharmacy to make sure they have it.

To get Narcan/Naloxone from a pharmacy without a prescription:  

  1. Call to make sure the pharmacy stocks Narcan/Naloxone.
  2. At the pharmacy, go to the prescription drop off window and ask to speak with a pharmacist about Narcan/Naloxone. While every pharmacy has their own protocol, the pharmacist must provide overdose education (overdose risk factors, how to recognize and respond to an overdose, and how to use Narcan/Naloxone) when dispensing Narcan/Naloxone.
  3. The pharmacy may be able to bill your insurance, even without a prescription. While most insurances will cover at least some of the cost of Narcan/Naloxone every insurance plan has different billing requirements. Your pharmacist can contact your insurance company to discuss any payment questions.

Can’t find Narcan/Naloxone locally? Get it mailed directly to you

Visit https://nextdistro.org/mochoice for more information.