MCRSP Board of Directors

The Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers (MCRSP) is an association of individuals, advocates and organizations who exist to provide the services needed for individuals and families to find and sustain recovery from substance use disorders. The purpose of the coalition is to provide advocacy support, training resources, networking and development opportunities that further strengthen the network of recovery supports across the state of Missouri. While there are presently 37 organizations making up the coalition, which include regional points of contact in southeast (Sikeston, MO), southwest (Springfield, MO), northwest (Kansas City and Warrensburg, MO) and central (Jefferson City and Paris, MO), the coalition seeks to grow its membership to include more partners and recovery support providers.

Reverend Ladell Flowers


"We are working to give a voice to the people who are so vital to delivering recovery support services in Missouri," said Rev. Ladell Flowers, executive director of Dismas House of Kansas City and chair of the Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers. "From infrastructure support to the organizations and leaders, to advocacy on the state and federal levels, without the people who provide recovery supports, thousands of lives would be lost."

"According to the Missouri Department of Mental Health, substance abuse costs our state more than $7 billion each year, with 97% of the costs going to the effects of substance abuse, and only 3% going to fund prevention and treatment. Among that 3%, there are no general revenue dollars allocated to the agencies that provide recovery support services, and that’s a problem we have to address."

MCRSP Chair – Rev. Ladell Flowers

Bishop Harold G. Long

MCRSP Co-Chair

Bishop Harold G. Long has been the Senior Pastor/Founder of FaithWalk Ministries Inc., for 38 years. He is also the President/CEO of the following two Corporations, Future Well-being of Mankind, Inc. for 14 years and FaithWalk Community Development Corporation, for 10 years, of which all three Corporations are Federally recognized 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organizations in Paris, Missouri. Bishop Harold G. Long has dedicated his life to the well-being of mankind. Married for 43 years, with four children and four grand-children Bishop Long is a dedicated family man. As a visionary, Bishop has seen the needs of the community and has risen to the challenge by providing a food pantry for low income families, a healthy eating and exercise program of children of children and adults, a substance abuse recovery program. The FaithWalk Community ReEntry Support Program which works with ex-offenders on Probation and Parole in counseling and life skills, and the Shelter Care Plus Program which houses the homeless in the Hannibal/Marion County area. Bishop Long is actively involved in the organization’s mentoring and diversion programs. The Multi-faith initiative is another program that is offered, this program provides Capacity Building Training to Pastors and Faith Leaders, to help them expand their ministries. Bishop is not only a two time author of “Positioned for Purpose” and “Majestic Glory of God” he has received numerous local, state, national awards, and honors for his Vision and Ability to reach out into the rural communities to make a difference. In addition, he is credentialed through the Missouri Credentialing Board as an MRSS, Credentialed through the State of Missouri as a Domestic Violence Counselor, and a Licensed Pastoral counselor to work with clients who are Medicaid approved.

MCRSP Co-Chair – Bishop Harold G. Long

Jane Frances Pfefferkorn

MCRSP Secretary

B.S., CCJP, MRSS, MATS, has spent the past 20 years creating and building a faith-based recovery network in Southeast Missouri. As one of the original founders of a community reconciliation event in Sikeston, Missouri, in 1996, Mrs. Pfefferkorn became the full time volunteer executive director when the group formed Mission Missouri in 1998 and opened a soup kitchen. Since that time the Mission has developed into a comprehensive agency that has provided job readiness, summer camps, the daily soup kitchen, a faith mentoring program, as well as community development. Mrs. Pfefferkorn created a substance abuse recovery program called Crossing Addiction Freedom Program that was funded by Missouri Foundation for Health in 2003 for $1.5 million to provide services to nine counties in Southeast Missouri. This collaboration incorporated several network partners, brought education and awareness to 2,500 individuals in its three years of funding and provided a transitional housing component called House of Liberty Life Change Station which continues to house 20 men coming from prison or treatment. In 2005 Mission Missouri was credentialed by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse as a Recovery Support Services Provider and Access Site for the Access To Recovery Federal SAMHSA program. The agency is also certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse to provide outpatient counseling for substance use disorders. Mission Missouri serves agencies such as Drug Court, Probation and Parole, Family Services, and Department of Corrections. In 2014 Mrs. Pfefferkorn was one of the core leaders in the development of the Hope Partnership in Southeast Missouri which provides pre- and post-release re-entry programming through their Hope Road to Recovery at the Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, MO. She serves as Treasurer on the Missouri Credentialing Board and is a board member of the Missouri Recovery Network. She currently serves on the board as Secretary of the newly launched Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers.

MCRSP Secretary – Jane Frances Pfefferkorn

Reverend Mike Rogers

MCRSP Treasurer

Reverend Rogers is the founder and president of Higher Ground Recovery Center, a Christian recovery support and certified intensive outpatient treatment provider in Springfield, MO. Reverend Rogers is an ordained Minister with Elim Fellowship and also founder of Highlife Church in Springfield, MO of which he continues as Senior Pastor. With over 22 years of experience in the field of substance use disorders, he received his Masters in Counseling from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in 2004 and currently holds LPC, CRAADC, and MRSS-P Credentials. Reverend Rogers also serves as President of the Recovery Coalition of the Ozarks, a coalition of recovery support providers in the southwest region of Missouri and is an executive officer (treasurer) of the Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers.

MCRSP Treasurer – Mike Rogers

Tia Kolb

MCRSP Parliamentarian

MCRSP Parliamentarian – Tia Kolb

Chad Bles

MCRSP Chaplain

MCRSP Chaplain – Chad Bles

Patricia Sams

MCRSP Communications Coordinator

Patricia Sams is a Stone County, Mo DWI Court Graduate who has celebrated her sobriety date daily since April 2, 2010, who has dedicated her passion and commitment to helping those in search of their own path of recovery. A national speaker for non-addictive medication treatment and recovery, presenting at multiple state and national Drug court Conferences, Universities, United States Senate on behalf of woman in recovery and the National Foundation of Women Legislators Conference. Currently Patricia stays busy as the Founder and Executive Director for PEEP’s in Recovery (Peers Encouraging and Empowering Peers), Database Administrator for the 39th Judicial Circuit Treatment Courts, and the Communications Coordinator for the Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers (MCRSP).

MCRSP Communications Coordinator – Patricia Sams